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MEV – (Međimursko veleučilište u Čakovcu) Polytechnic of Međimurje in Čakovec

The Polytechnic of Međimurje in Čakovec is an institution of higher education that represents a regional center of excellence in high-quality and applied scientific work that conducts quality and efficient education based on the concept of lifelong learning, responsibility for knowledge as public good, mobility and human resource development as the highest value of society. Through active co-operation with the economy, community development partnerships, involvement in the European Higher Education Area and the European Research Area and a high level of organization, the Polytechnic will show its public responsibility and contribute to the development of the knowledge society. The Polytechnic of Međimurje in Čakovec will be an institution that promotes mobility and entrepreneurial energy development and the talent expression of each individual (teachers, assistants, administrators and students). The high degree of flexibility of the study and the introduction of new programs for the training of highly professional profiles required for the economy in the environment will remain one of the fundamental features of the Polytechnic of Međimurje in Čakovec.


RIS Mansion Rakičan

RIS Mansion Rakičan is a regional public institution established by the Municipality of Murska Sobota and the Association for Technical Culture of Slovenia. RIS works in the field of tourism, culture, research, education and intergenerational cooperation. One of the main goals of the organization is the preservation, promotion and development of cultural and natural heritage. Accordingly, RIS manages the mansion and its park, both of which are under monumental protection. RIS is the organizer of numerous domestic and international conferences, health conferences, healthy nutrition, physical exercise, healthy lifestyles, ecology, ecological awareness, and conferences with psychological and social content. An integral part of the RIS is the Horse Riding Center Mansion Rakičan, where 15 horses are located. RIS also manages a gallery. For the interest of the Municipality of Murska Sobota, RIS prepares a series of European projects, with the Municipality of Murska Sobota providing the necessary financial support. Their staff is highly qualified and has a number of experiences in the following areas: -project management and financial management-foreign language proficiency -organizing of various events (international conferences, youth exchange programs) -promoting (promotional material, collaboration with media) -preparation and implementation of various research and development programs, preparation of various general and specialized expert opinions. RIS also organizes various events with more than 10,000 visitors a day.


Scientific Research Centre Bistra Ptuj

ZRS Bistra Ptuj acts as a regional development agency and as a research center and is strongly involved in EU projects. The main activities are: promoting a comprehensive and locally-oriented sustainable development of sub-regions, consisting of 16 municipalities, establishing and maintaining links between companies, research institutions and authorities, transferring, creating and disseminating knowledge and creating opportunities for more educated staff in the region. The organization employs 15 highly educated people, including 5 PhDs and 1 Master of Science. All are trained and experienced in project work.


RASR Development Agency Savinja Region

The basic role and task of RASR is to stimulate the development of the Savinja region. The agency was established by 31 municipalities in June 2010. In participating with all regional development actors, the agency focuses on identifying and exploiting the development potential of the region. The task of RASR is to harmonize and involve 31 municipalities, in the care of balanced regional development. RASR has the status of regional development of the subject at national level and has an important influence on regional policy through its founders, 31 municipalities. It has an impact on regional policy with the promotion of regional development. RASR has the status of promoting regional development, awarded by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology in 2010. The main activities of the organization are: planning of work, preparation of professional bases for implementation of regional projects, preparation of the role for financing development tasks, preparation of reports, participation with municipalities in recognition and realization of joint development tasks, participation with all national entities and regional agencies, implementation of regional schemes scholarships, promotion of the region as well as regional activities, programs and projects. RASR cares about the Regional Guarantee Scheme and the Regional Scholarship Scheme. Projects: Entrepreneurial into the Entrepreneurship World 2015 (co-financed by EES). Project »South West Europe (Program Polyinvest) – PP.


Varaždin City Museum

The Varaždin City Museum was founded in 1925 in the Old Town of Varaždin, the Gothic-Renaissance fort and has been operating since then uninterruptedly. The fort was last reconstructed in 1989. The permanent exhibition in the Old Town of Varaždin contains many ambient style rooms from the Renaissance to the Secession, objects from the collection of weapons, stone monuments, the legends of Vatroslav Jagić and Ivan Kukuljević Sakcinski, exhibitions that testify of the past of the city and forts, trades and trades and pharmacy. With this exhibition, the Varaždin City Museum was the candidate for the European Museum of the Year in 1994 – the first among Croatian museums. In April 2007, the permanent establishment of the Department was completed with a museum complex from the collection of ceramics, glassware and clocks, and in 2014 it was decorated with a display of fashion in the past. Today, the Museum has nearly 200,000 items classified into 54 collections, and are handled by 32 staff members.


Čakovec Museum of Međimurje

Museum specialists (archaeologists, historians, art historians, ethnologists) have great experience in researching history through professional literature, research into historical archives, on-site field tours, interviews with individuals, and unlike ordinary researchers, collectors, and historians, are capable and know hot to make an interesting exhibition or permanent exhibition of museums in a creative way and thus transfer knowledge to visitors. Writing professional and scientific papers as well as catalogues of museum exhibitions, guides, or permanent exhibitions or books is also the work of museum specialists. They also have extensive experience in communicating with visitors, lectures, guides and generally provide spoken knowledge transfer and have experience in the design and implementation of educational and creative workshops for all age groups of visitors. As part of regular museum work, a professional team of curators wrote scenarios for two short films – reportage and documentary. In 2012 they participated in the historical-cultural-tourist event “Ana Katarina Zrinski” of the Polytechnic of Međimurje in Čakovec, whose main aim was to create the historical person of Ana Katarina Zrinski in the authentic environment of the Old Town of Zrinski in Čakovec. Within the project “pHisCulture”, conducted within OP SI-HR 2007-2013, the museum curators reconstructed the period of so-called ” Fin de Siècle”, ie late 19th and early 20th century along with the opening of the exhibition entitled “Evening Soirée”.


Museums of the Croatian Zagorje

Museums of the Croatian Zagorje combine five museum-gallery establishments in the area of ​​Croatian Zagorje. The area of ​​their activity is the protection of presentations and interpretations of cultural and natural heritage. To this end museums, besides working on the protection of immovable cultural heritage, make great efforts in presenting them through permanent exhibitions, cataloguess and other presses, but also through multimedia. Two constituent units of the Museum: Veliki Tabor Castle and the Peasants’ Revolt Museum are participating in the project. Both are in buildings that are cultural monuments. Veliki Tabor Castle has recently created a screening scenario including good museum practice as well as guidelines for the Strategy for the Conservation and Economic Use of Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Croatia for 2010-2013 and the Ministry of Culture’s 2012-2014 Strategy. The Museums have experience in various projects of digitization of materials and the development of multimodal applications that are used in permanent exhibition. The Museum won the Heritage in Motion award in the category of film and video for its 3D mapping Gubec Theater. The staff of both museum units have extensive experience in cultural tourism and realization of various events of revitalized history, organization of professional gatherings and cultural events.


Proteus d.o.o.

Tourism agency Proteus is a trademark of Slovenia Explorer, a leading provider of daily excursions to Slovenia for foreign tourists. In addition to the obligations of excellence in implementation and relations with clients and partners, the agency’s success is an innovative approach to organization and promotion, which makes the agency always re-competitive. The importance of the agency is that in addition to the main Slovenian tourist sites in its offer includes all the Slovenian regions, as in its offer there are as many as 14 different sold-out excursions that are realized every week. They also offer an innovative product called Slovenia Incognita. It is an excursion to the unknown where the visitors are not told where they are headed. An illustrated map with Slovenian sights has been drawn up for the promotion of its excursions and Slovenia, which proved to be an exceptional success with foreign guests. TA Proteus successfully sells its excursions through its own web site, and with printed promotional material is present in all Ljubljana hotels and other accommodation facilities. In organizing and selling excursions, it works well with Ljubljana Tourism and with numerous foreign agencies in Europe and elsewhere in the world. Their trips are also successfully sold on global web portals such as Viator and Tripadvisor. In addition to the good organizing team, TA Proteus has a team of excellent tour guides, which is regularly further trained. The tour guides give tours in most of the world’s major languages, and there is also a good group of casual associates for other foreign languages.




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